Redmi K20 Pro review | comparison with OnePlus 7, ASUS 6Z, And OnePlus 7 Pro

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#RedmiK20Pro is possibly the most hyped phone of 2019. This is the only review you need to watch to know everything about the phone.

Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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49 thoughts on “Redmi K20 Pro review | comparison with OnePlus 7, ASUS 6Z, And OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. Where can i find it.. K20 pro 8/256. I live in México… Does it has 4g band 4… Does came with global ROM or …

  2. Could you please tell me why K20 Pro has no 5G capability even after having the SD 855 SoC? Because network capability comes from the chipset and no one talks about it. Please please please tell me. I'm extremely curious.

  3. You mention that the K20 pro has a linear vibration motor but I heard it has the generic and janky feeling spinny motor. Can you confirm?

  4. Q: Why the hate ?
    Ans: Well i had oneplus 3T and thought to upgrade to K20 pro , People compare it with OnePlus 7pro i am comparing it with my 2.7 yr old OnePlus 3T.

    1. The metal build looks like a cheap metal painted with oil paint along with the antenna bands.
    2. The Type C pin and headphone jack hole have sharp cuttings on metal body like no smoothening was there if you touch it you can feel it like. On another side 3T was so soft to touch.
    3. The headphone jack: no complaints about output , The output is way better than my 3T but the problem is when you insert headphone you can feel the cheapness. It is like the headphone jack is grabbing the pin so loose like a cheap 1000rs phone. On other side 3T holds the headphone pin from all the way around and feels so premium while plugging and unplugging headphones.
    4: the SIM card tray: The try is so delicate and cheap looking , made out of plastic and had so many patches to make shape it in a body. On other side 3T had a full one piece metal SIM card tray and it was so good. Soft to touch and sturdy.

    No one talks about these little things. But for me these matters the most.
    If OnePlus 7 had no notch i would have paid 5-6000 extra to get it.

  5. I like this phone but I'm looking for stock experience, this phone is there for android q beta program, so will it be getting stock andoid in future updates?

  6. At 25k .is it real?

    Redmi K20 Pro (Flame Red, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

  7. 38k for OP7….. 8/256
    31k for K20 pro……..8/256

    Then u choose….. Because price matters…. …. At 31k price Redmi gives triple camera 🎥 at back…..customization on miui……
    Better battery 🔋

    Or ak bat……Mobile 📱 me itna… Investment mat ❎karo…. Technology har month me change hoti hai..

  8. Any clue about the SAR value in both redmi k20 pro and oneplus 7?

    Btw, Great video content and great theme music for the video.

  9. Hi I recently bought k20 pro, after watching your videos I got confidence to spend 30k on Redmi device.. I am very happy with the device, but now i am facing issue with finger print scanner. Did you tried using with Google pay or Paytm ?. It simply does not work. I am a heavy Google assistant user.. when I try to use it, it does not unlock, it asks me to tap on screen, that never worked. Every time I have to use finger print. Let me know your comments on this issue. If possible let me know if there is any solution to my problem.

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