ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX531GW Gaming Laptop Review | Worth The 2000$ Price Tag?

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX531GW Review | PC Builders Inc.
Today we are reviewing a 2000$ gaming laptop. There are people who like to do heavy duty gaming or content creation on the go but aren’t willing or able to carry a heavyweight laptop with them. For them a good option can be slim and thin gaming laptops. Though they priced a little higher than your average ones but there are lot of unique features that come with these models. Our specific unit is ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX531GW. Lets take a look how it really performs in the real world.
We would like to thank ASUS and their Bangladesh distributor for loaning us the review unit. For more information visit the website:

Camera Gears Used:
Panasonic GH5s:
Lumix 12-35mm F2.8:
Ifootage Motorized Slider:
Ronin SC 3 Axis Gimbal:
Atomos Ninja V Recorder:

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13 thoughts on “ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX531GW Gaming Laptop Review | Worth The 2000$ Price Tag?

  1. Thanks! Great Review!

    I don't travel…so…

    I'm looking at GX531GW-AB76 (RTX 2070 // 9750H 512 SDD), but I really don't need a soo slim or so light notebook, so with this specs, what would you recommend?

    I think a bit bigger should have a lower price… or not??

  2. Well,I am having shitty time with this laptop. The Nvidia Control panel basically gives you no access to any of the GPU settings. There's only one M.2 slot,so when you wanna upgrade, you'll have to swap it out with the one built in. The GPU often goes to power saving mode. And my god the software issues. I think I ran into the issue "Your PC ran into a problem" at least 50 times now. And after your PC restarts, it'll automatically go to BIOS. Basically, it'll go to BIOS mode until it cools down. I strongly recommend not to buy this. If you want an RTX laptop, I'd recommend waiting for a few more months till it becomes mainstream. This thing didn't get enough feedback yet.

  3. The Ryzen 7 gtx 1060ti version comes at 1200 USD… Please review that one… Especially the display … Is it pantone validated/100% srgb

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