Amazon’s Leaked Anti-Union Training Video Is Terrifying

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21 thoughts on “Amazon’s Leaked Anti-Union Training Video Is Terrifying

  1. I didnt know people at Amazon were treated this bad. I haven't bought anything from Amazon in a while but i will never buy from them again. America is turning into a 3rd world consumer nation

  2. I'm amazed that this is a complaint. I work at a large grocery store ….I stock the entire store with one other person and receive three trucks a night. I make $12 an hour and had to work a year and a half to even make that. I get one 30 minute lunch I clock out for and one 15 minute break.

    Am I missing something? A warehouse job like a management position at a grocery store is generally speaking for people going to college or fresh out of highschool.

  3. This is why I don’t pay for amazon p r i m e . I’ve always heard about these companies having such terrible working conditions and no benefits. I never paid for prime, I am willing to wait like 3 more days for my package to arrive, I don’t want someone’s health to decline because my package must arrive the next hour after I ordered it.

  4. So I got a job at a CVS warehouse and everything you guys were talking about happened there, we'd get NOTHING but shit for not keep at 100% efficiency and out of a group of like 30 new hires after 3 months everyone was cut loose due to not wanting to pay benefits, the hours were VERY long and sometimes unsafe, most of the managers were just pushing numbers with little remorse to those working under them

  5. Imagine if bezos made 1% less… would be way more than enough to allow the “ineffeciency” of going to the toilet once every couple of hours

  6. Get real you're all talking about shit you don't know, every single major warehouse is worse than Amazon (personal and observed experiences) Amazon is an amazing company to work for! Period. (Edit:) unionized factory work is the worst environment, payed union members are literally just helping who they want, they won't even enforce your basic rights as a human being if you work for a ford unionized factory

  7. Those “employees” featured in the video I guarantee are the ones that fire people on They’re 364th Day…
    If you have that much money, put extra bathrooms in and give people a break! Damn…

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