Amazon forest fire: What it tells us about deforestation

The Amazon rainforest is burning at an accelerated rate. Here’s how deforestation is contributing to climate change.

The main consensus: the fires were caused by human activity.

This isn’t the first time Brazil has suffered dramatic forest fires. 2015 and 2016 were particularly bad years with the warming of El Nino, when droughts allowed the fires to spread quickly.

But whether or not people are paying attention, it raises important questions about deforestation.

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36 thoughts on “Amazon forest fire: What it tells us about deforestation

  1. When US elects a new president China is gonna stop using Brazil . Then there Will be no AMAZON To rely on for tourism and food. They Will be stuck eatin soy

  2. Statistics tell us that within the last 10 years, more natural catastrophes have occurred on the planet than in the 100 years previous to that. And in the last two years, more natural catastrophes have occurred than in the last 10 years.

    What that shows is a massive escalation of natural catastrophes. So this is nature’s way to show human society that she is very angry.

    Why is mother nature so angry at the present human culture?

    There is no doubt in my mind that the wanton mass-slaughter on animals, conducted by the meat-industry, is the single most contributor to the climate changes that have everyone so worried.

    So that’s one way nature or cosmos tries to send us a message. Of course, they don’t teach this to kids in school. In the modern consumer civilization people are not taught how to treat nature, and associate with her, so she will cooperate with them and treat them well in return.

    Today the idea is to conquer nature by technology. But nature cannot be conquered by technology. Mother nature can only be conquered by a proper collective mentality of respect.

    Nature is a woman, a goddess, we even call her mother earth, and we all know what hell we get from treating our women wrong.

    For a materialist, though, nature is just a thing to be exploited for natural resources.

    For a person in divine consciousness, nature is a goddess to be worshiped, honored and respected. If we do not treat nature in a proper way, she gets angry with us, and when nature is angry with us, she is going to give us a real hard time.

    It doesn't matter how one designates oneself – Christian, Hindu, atheist or social democrat – if one does not follow the rules of nature (as described in the Vedas) then everything goes to hell, and all the technology in the world is not going to save us.

    The only thing that can save us is to at least develop a holistic approach to life – ie. we are all part of the same whole.

    Most modern people however, are of an atheistic mentality. Even though they call themselves so many things like Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims etc., they don't have a spiritual understanding.

    They don't even have a holistic understanding. In any case, it is a sign of a diseased society, when the majority of people are materialists.

    When the majority of people treat nature like a thing and not a person, then they will be punished by nature – natural catastrophes, disease, social unrest, war, and all kinds of miseries. That's the mess we are in right now.

    Only people in ignorance cannot detect this obvious fact, and because they are in the majority, society is falling apart.

    The only thing one can do to change nature is to first change oneself.

    We can't really change other people, neither can we change the world. All anyone of us can do, is change oneself. If one remains in an atheistic frame of mind, one does harm to oneself, because one sinks to a lower level of consciousness, a level where the focus is on fulfilling the demands of the body and mind

  3. In this discussing world we live.. When someone want the president of Brazil ti resign… Simply burn a fire… All wars,and incidents last 40 years been actually provoked by same.criminals… And someone else INOCENT paid the price… Pls can't read some dumb comments of ppl with sheep mindset …NO body need to resign.. Our problem is in other place!

  4. The biggest free farmland in the world . Who would have thought inthe 21 century governments of the world are allowing this tiny planet to be destroyed for profit. I’m seventy today and the world we thought that we would see in the future from the sixties hasn’t happened , I know it’s an old git whining about this generation but our generation was to blame, weve overseen this , look what’s happened with the plastic pollution since the sixties , I’m as angry now as I was then about what goes on around us but sadly don’t see any improvement from the people that govern us now… silicone valley , and Wall Street , Washington is just a mass of rent boys for the money men .

  5. This set me off. Bolsonaro diverted the aid of French leaders, and presumably, others. At least out of what I heard. In summary, it seems like everyone wants to die. Are we now this stupid? Will he be happy with the (possible) unsurprisingly catastrophic result? Global warming is a real problem, and when the time comes to face it accordingly, hell, everyone best be ready.

  6. Dude trees make Oxygen we need them for life if you dont want to die then "let it grow" animals are important too like bees without them we would never Live they might even killed the bees in the amazon stop this and share this to the whole world (not my comment but this)

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