Hello Lovelies! Today I’m sharing this year’s round up of Amazon favorites and hosting a collab + GIVEAWAY with my sweet Mama!
In this video I’m sharing what I’ve loved buying off of as well as some things I no longer purchase from the site. My mom will also be sharing some really great Amazon finds over on her Instagram.
(seriously, go follow her… she’s the cutest and her posts/stories are SO helpful, fun and all-around lovely)
#amazonfavorites #amazonprimedaydeals2019 #amazongiveaway

My Mom and I are so excited to be giving away TWO $100 Amazon gift cards as a way to thank you all for being such a wonderful community that we get to share our life with!

Before Entering please Like this video and Subscribe to my channel! Comment what an Amazon favorite of yours is!

To Enter:

That’s it! TWO winners will be announced on Monday, July 8th, 2019 at 12 pm PST on Instagram. Giveaway is open to international entrants 18 and older (or under 18 with parent’s permission.)

Last Year’s Amazon Favorites Video:

Products Mentioned:
◈ Pull Ups:
◈ Wipes:
◈ Muslin Tanks for Hailey:
◈ 4 weeks to read:
◈ Hat Baby Rest:
◈ Facial Razors:
◈ Gel Nail Kit:
◈ Menstrual Cup:
◈ Ovulation/ Pregnancy Tests:
◈ Bambo Toothbrushes:
◈ Essential Oils:
◈ Pillow Covers:
◈ Christmas Pillow Covers:
◈ Amazon Echo:
◈ Smart Hub:
◈ Smart Lock:


Intro Music:
Outro Music: “Light Em Up” By Daniel Kadawatha feat Dinah Smith
I’m Natalie and I have a passion for making videos that share the beauty of life and motherhood with a healthy dose of “real.” Life is messy, life is beautiful– what are YOU choosing to focus on?
◈ Do you have a vlog channel?– Yes!
◈How old are you? — 26!
◈Where do you live? — Seattle, WA
◈What’s your husband’s name? — Weston (he’s the cutest!)
◈Are your twins identical? — nope! They’re fraternal.
◈What religion are you? — I’m a Christian, but I don’t consider myself “religious.” It’s all about the relationship I have with my Savior, Jesus!
◈Where do you get the music for your videos?
◈What cameras do you use? —
◈What editing program do you use? — Adobe Premiere Pro CC
◈What is your occupation? — MOMMY and I’m a full-time video creator and social media influencer. I also feel like my quest for the perfect cup of espresso counts for at least a part-time job 😉

Email for collaborations and business inquiries:

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO. I include affiliate links in my description box. I purchase most of the products in my videos myself, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to try and review products sent by brands for consideration. Sponsorships will always be clearly denoted in my description boxes. I will always give my honest opinion of any product I am asked to review. Sponsorships help me continue to create fresh content for my viewers and positively impact the future of my YouTube channels. Thank you for your support!

I own all the footage and content of my videos. Please do not reproduce without my permission. © Natalie Bennett 2019


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37 thoughts on “AMAZON FAVORITES 2019 + What I DON’T buy on Amazon 🎉GIVEAWAY for AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS 2019

  1. Will you make a video on your nail care routine please?! I’d love to see how you do your own gel nails and how you care for them and remove them to redo them etc.

  2. I love the Learning Dynamics 4 Weeks to Read Program! I've been using it with my son. We actually listen to the CD a lot in the car (e.g., on the way to and from school). Great video, as always!

  3. Thank you. An Amazon fav is the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet in a Kid-Proof Case. Wasn't exactly kid-proof, but they replaced it for free!

  4. Id LOVE to win ! I dont have an IG acct( no memory on cell cuz of apps i have) ..JUST took in our 13 yr old nephew …he has NOTHING! we have to buy him EVERYTHING on top of that school is starting soon im praying we get a finance breakthru ( please feel free to pray for us) were in the process of gettin full custody ( not cheap ) of him not to mention our food budget went from 3 to 4 ppl…winning would HELP SOO MUCH! I could buy him a FULL wardrobe !!

  5. Thank you for doing the giveaway

    My favorite is the learning dynamics I’ve been trying to find something that could help me even if it’s the smallest
    My son has speech apraxia so it’s been a struggle.. plus it would be a good thing to have for my three year old to slowly start him

  6. I am brand new to your channel and actually stumbled upon as I was searching YouTube for helpful new mom type videos. I am 32 weeks pregnant and watched your "What's in my hospital bag" video from 2 years ago. I enjoyed it so much I decided to check out your channel. You offer some wonderful advice and I will definitely start catching up on all of your other videos. Happy I found your channel.

  7. Natalie, call the company of the oils you use and ask where their farms are, are they certified 100% oils, ect. Whatever matters to you about them, even inhaling impure oils can be dangerous!
    And yes, even as a YL representative it IS hard to find non-biased research but I have a couple sources if you ever want to reach out to me <3

  8. Tht so much for this video. It was actually really helpful and informative and beautifully put together as always ❤️ Also, thanks for the giveaway. That's so cool that you are collabing with your mom. A recent favorite of mine are the Amazon essentials sleepers for my baby. They are super soft and wash very nicely.

  9. Thank you for doing this giveaway I hope to win because because My sister birthday and I want give her a beautiful present and she love lol surprise and she hope to have one.
    good luck to everyone and me
    My instagram: @xtoka.yasserx

  10. My favourite is baby items! I buy all sorts but found it particularly useful when trying out different bottles – prime delivery!

  11. I love ordering my kiddos birthday gifts through amazon! They are almost always the best priced on toys and books and even if I have to spend a few more bucks, it’s so worth the convenience of having everything shipped and “hidden” from prying eyes 👀. Love your recommendations!! 💖

  12. Remember you can always get good quality essential oils at a decent price at your local health food store. Oils can go rancid too. I like YL oils but one day my sign in page stopped working and the customer service drove me gaga. Then I found a local distillery who make a great product and sell at the health food store.

  13. Amazon basics batteries are a must for me! And after watching this video I'm totally going to look into pillow covers! What a genius idea! Love your videos! Keep them coming!

  14. I dont have any favourites yet havent purchased anything off amazon yet. But im also trying to make up my home make it more homely 😁👍thats also my goal this year

  15. My Amazon favorite that I have purchased multiple times now would be my dishwasher pods. I buy them in an 84 ct pack and the price can't be beat.

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