Amazon Driver Drops Package, Shatters Basketball Hoop, Drives Into Grass, Leaves

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Amazon Prime delivery driver drops a package at the door step, reverses into the basketball hoop and shatters it, drives through the grass, and then casually leaves. Amazon has passed this along to a third party claims company that isn’t taking proper action for this hit and run incident. #justiceforthebasketballhoop


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39 thoughts on “Amazon Driver Drops Package, Shatters Basketball Hoop, Drives Into Grass, Leaves

  1. I drive for FedEx if I even pulled into a driveway and tried that dumbshit I'd be gone.. Amazon seems like they hire people straight off the street no questions asked! SMH 😖

  2. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver a package 📦 without damaging the contents or your surroundings.

    [cue "Mission: Impossible Theme']

  3. I backed into a roll up door, I was 19 and it was the first time driving a flat bed, that van is tall as hell, dropping the box and driving on the grass is just piling on, you're all ready to can her, give her a second chance, or do you want her on welfare.

  4. Interesting door bell camera. Who owns Ring anyway? Oh yeah. Maybe the doorbell could ask Alexa to get Amazon's People on line and then play the video. Then Amazon's AI server farm could read the license plate and do facial recognition of the driver. Or not.

  5. Should be shot. Call the cops next time you see her. We all know what happens with blacks and cops. Say she stole the van or something. End that bitch.

  6. North America pavement ape. Saddled with a DEVASTATINGLY low IQ this low end subhuman is forced to make its way in a world while surrounded by millions of hominids MUCH smarter. The NPA has zero morality. It is racist and it lowers every society that tries to help it assimilate into a society that isnt based around tryany and rape.

  7. Two orders where SUPPOSED to be delivered today. They were on TWO DIFFERENT TRUCKS, one said Prime on the side. Neither made an attempt, one said no safe place to leave the package. They did not knock on the door to see if I was home, had been for about three hours.

    The second one in the Prime truck did a lap in the parking lot, one around the complex then said they could not gain access to the building. There are no locks on the hallway doors.

    Something like having to stop the truck, get out and actually make an attempt to deliver.

    I cancelled my Prime membership.

  8. Yup! this is amazon's soon to be short lived delivery service. The same people who will put "package handed to recipient" when in fact, they threw it into the woods. Hire shit people, get shit service. But i'm pretty sure if a white delivery driver delivered a package to a black person like this, there would be a march on washington and mandatory "sensitivity" training for all white employees.

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